Sunday, April 10, 2011

something like before

Katy took a step back when she saw who answered the door. Was she seeing Franny? How could that be? She was speechless. Finally, Simon spoke up. They were there for Maxie. Naturally, she showed them the way to the room he was still resting in.

He was napping.

For a moment Katy wanted to be rude to him, but the longer she looked at him, the more she knew she missed him. She edged close to him and brushed her hands through his hair. Naturally, she startled him, but she smile and he looked up at her in shock. He'd still lost his voice so he couldn't say a word to her, but he hugged her to let her know he was glad she was here.

"We'll get him to the emergency, first thing." She told him.

Maxie one nodded.

A part of her felt as if she'd seen a ghost. After all Ari was Franny's doppelganger, now wasn't she? Katy wanted to know this person who had saved her husband's life. Was there any chance she'd be anything like Franny? Well, she had called them about Maxie. Katy supposed that was a good start.


lucy and sarah said...

oh wow..really..shocked.

ivy said...

I'm so glad she looks like Franny!

ellie said...

shocking..for sure.

meg said...

This will be interesting about Ari.

Fé... said...

I don't really understand what's happening here... You're making stories? But Clemence Poesy looks gorgeous in this picture :D