Saturday, April 16, 2011

another day in the hood

"So what are you saying?" Randy looked at Neve who had been seeing to his boys for him on his late night shift at the hospital. "I  haven't grieved enough over Franny?"

"I just think its too soon for and Newt to make a family. Its too soon." Neve was pretty much showing her pregnant self now. Even so, Randy saw her as a pregnant witch of some kind. For all he knew, she had Cecil under some love spell. Yet, Cecil's little music business was thriving. He had bands signed up for local tours and a packed house most nights down at the club. Something was going good.

"You don't have to worry. All right?" Randy gave her a cross-look. What did it matter to that middle age rocker? So what if she'd been in a punk band once, and she still thought she was so cool. He wanted... really nothing to do with her, other than free-baby sitting.

"Don't you worry? What people will think?" Her eyes blazed into him then as if he better listen up.

"No. I don't." As far as anyone knew, Newt had moved in with him after his partner had upped and left him for Japan. It wasn't that big of a deal.

"I see." She kept staring at him as if that alone would change his mind.

"What is it that makes you so angry with me? What have I done?" Randy winced hard.

"I just don't want you to forget her. She loved you so. She made you a family?" Neve informed him.

"You didn't even know her." Randy swelled a frown. It made him bitter to even consider her thoughts.

He hurried home with the boys to find Newt waiting for him with waffles and strawberries.

"You, all right?" Newt asked as he got breakfast on the table.

Randy bit in to a crisp piece of bacon. "I will be." He promised.

"I really wished I'd kept the crew with me, but my cold and all, I just needed some rest, you know." Newt told him he felt bad about not tending to the boys. As it was, his own two were off with their mother.

"Its all right." Randy nodded as he looked around their small flat. "We should really find ourselves a house, you know."

"Yes, one with a garden spot. I always wanted to give that a go, you know." Newt nodded at the sound of that. He smiled.

"Then, get out your laptop see what you find." Randy sighed. He felt determined now to have a home with Newt. He wasn't going to dare listen to that old witch.


ellie said...

I wouldn't want to rub Neve the wrong way...

lucy and sarah said...

Well, that's good they want a home together.

Lux and Stan said...

Oh Randy, I hope she won't do anything bad to him.

ori said...

I'm happy he has Newt.

ivy said...

I liked that last line.

meg said...

I hope Neve won't be trouble.

Holly said...

Neve could be trouble..

Ali said...

Not sure why Neve wants to cause trouble.

fede fortunato said...

me gusta :) KISS