Friday, December 10, 2010

walking away

Maxie thought about heading for Ian's first thing when Katy threw him out. She didn't want to look at him or anything else.

It hurt so as if a limb and had been cut off and he was left with nothing. He could barely breathe, but he kept walking with what little he had. He went through the park as if he had some place to go, but he couldn't stay there either. He kept walking, and soon the cold set in, but he didn't really feel it because everything he knew he'd left behind.

Maxie cried for some time. His tears so hot soon turn to ice, streaking his face. It was winter. He should have known better. But he didn't feel he should do anything for himself. He felt so broken now without Katy. And there was Grace to think about too. He missed them both, but she didn't want him. And there was nothing he could think of other than time for her to forgive him.

Yet he couldn't look back even if he wanted to. He just kept walking, out past the village, past the pastures into the forest, following the railroad tracks as he went. He wasn't hungry. He hardly felt the cold at all. He just kept going until finally he could go no further in the middle of the night Maxie dropped there in the grassy knoll as if he were closer to a glenn, the fairies might come and take care of him, but of course they didn't. He was left in cold, the wind blowing strong, but his eyes were still with his hoodie over his head. He dreamed of a warm place with a fire in a cottage with a rock floor. Soon enough, thats where he found himself, by the fire on the rock floor.

Maxie's eyes finally awoke as he watched the fire glow. His body was stiff. He could hardly move. It was tired and needed rest. But was she who he thought she was? He squinted to see her in the doorway of the kitchen, cutting potatoes for a soup.

"Frannie?" His parched throat could barely speak. He blinked. She looked just like her. So soft and sincere. Her golden hair put up, like Frannie's, when she began to cook. "Franny? Is that you?" Maxie tried to lift himself up.

She heard him then, and came to check on him.

Maxie winced hard, thinking he was the one who must be crazy. Maybe he'd crossed to the other side. He stared into her ominous blue eyes.

"Hush." He thought he heard her say.  He struggled to listen to her words. He was so cold. He started to shiver. Maxie looked up at her, wondering what was happening to him.


meg said...

wooo..this is so irry.

ellie said...

interesting about thinking of Franny.