Sunday, December 5, 2010

a terrible thought

"You know its all his doing, don't you?" Anita thought it might have been a dream, but she knew it true now. Who was really to blame about Maxie and Katy's split. Of course, it wasn't  that she and Sebastian had some sort of telepathy between them, but there was a connection. She thought he might have the power to change it. Of course, he was so quiet these days. He spent most of his days in books at the University.

"What are you getting at?" Here they were in his room at the boarding house. He was sitting in the window watching the snow fall so peacefully. "That I have my brother's potential?"

"No, of course now." She winced, wishing everything would go back to normal. She'd heard Katy's whimperings as she stayed to herself now with her and Maxie's baby. Maxie was no where in sight. She so missed his huge breakfast in the mornings. He was glorious in his baking. Scones. Biscuits. Even huge dreamy muffins. Now it was so cold. Oatmeal and toast. The boarding house was going down without Maxie.

"Maybe you could ask if he could fix it. At least for the holidays." Anita wanted things to be wonderful again. They were one big extended family. But as it was, it had its secrets too, and it was Jamie who held all the secrets.

"I've asked, really I have." Sebastian nodded. "Jamie says he's done enough. This is only something they can do. Katy will need to forgive him. Perhaps, Maxie needs to forgive himself first."

"But where is he?" This is what troubled Anita the most. "Has anyone heard from him? Anyone?" It pained her to think he was gone for good. Didn't anyone care? They were a family here. Maxie was a great part of it. He was after all the manager of the establishment. Granted they hadn't had a new boarder in months now. "We need to find him, Sebastian. We need to at least know where he is."

She sighed heavily then.

"Come." He made room for her in the window seat. It was warm and cozy next to him. He put his arm around her and held her close. His lips touched the side of her forehead. "I'm sure his fine." He whispered.

"You know that for a fact?" Her dark eyes looked into him.

"No. I don't. But you can't worry so much." He told her, and when he kissed her, it was as if thoughts of Maxie had left her. She smiled then as if this was truly the only happiness she needed. Here with Sebastian.


ellie said...

I do wonder where he is.

autumn said...

Me, too. Wonder where he is. o_O

Oh, happiness.