Saturday, December 18, 2010

holiday woes

Sasha wasn't sure she had an answer for Katy. She didn't know where Maxie might be. He'd been out of the boarding house for weeks now. And it was suffering. No one picked up the slack. Bathrooms were going off the deep end. Power fading out in parts. Honestly, it was more than a fulltime job to keep this place going. Not even Jamie with his so called magic tricks was up to this kind of manual labor.

"Its all right, we'll manage." Sasha promised Katy who was trying her best to cater to those who needed a night to stay in the village. The holidays were upon us so travelers wanted a place to stay.

"You can say that because you aren't even here half the time. You've got that duty to get the kiddie's dance program going." Katy was a bit peeved with them all that she was on kitchen duty twenty-four/seven.

"Aye, I was asked to help with the Nutcracker." Sasha gave Katy an evil glare. She was trying to see what was bubbling in the pots on the stove. As it was she was getting paid for this gig and had recently been hired to replace one of the dance teachers at the studio. It was an uplifting job. She found good about her, again. And she wanted this and Jamie was delighted too.

"Of course, you were." Katy fretted.

"You coming down with something?" Sasha then wondered.

"Maybe." She was quite sensitive to the subject.

"And?" Sasha was a bit concerned now.

"It looks I'm with child." Katy winced.

"Really?" Sasha wanted to smile, but she couldn't. They really needed to track down Maxie now.


ellie said...

Great about Sasha being a dance teacher. Glad Katy confessed to her, too.

better days said...

happy thought for Sash. I'm glad she's there for Katy.

Jasper Hale fan fic said...

oh, what misery.

autumn said...

Poor Katy.