Tuesday, December 7, 2010

dwelling on it

Katy cooked a little in the kitchen, but it wasn't to Maxie's magnitude. He always cleaned up his messes, except the big one. His little trist with Ian.

She knew her husband was gay now. And it made her cry everytime she thought of it, or him, or Ian or any man, for that matter. It was so horrible. It really made her pessimistic of the world. Why couldn't she just accept it?

Well, he was not that bloke to her. It was as if she knew a different Maxie, one who was there to only please her. He was her best friend. He was the father to her child. It was not suppose to be that way. They were different from the average villager. Not feral animals.

As it was, she couldn't eat and the first week she threw up everything. That was when she was certain of it then. She was pregnant. It wasn't fair. Pop one out and soon enough, it was starting all over again.

"Well, I find you quite fetching." Rhys would come to that conclusion as if he knew what she needed. There in the kitchen of the boarding house. "You'd never be an old cow to me."

She didn't even speak to him instead she tok care of him with a punch in his belly and knee drop in the groin.

"Wake up, you fuckwad!" Would he ever change? Here he had Rae knocked up and still out of the prowl, and they weren't even down at the pub, but the kitchen.

Soon enough he was out of there, and she had oatmeal ready for Rae. Katy teared up at the sight of her. Poor thing. They would take care of her, with or without Rhys. She'd hoped he'd be a good father and a good man to Rae too, but perhaps it was just too late for the latter.

Rae was oblivious to just about anything. She would rather dwell on the X-Factor or Charlie McDownell's whereabouts.

"He is a dream, you know. I don't think real blokes like that exist." She spoke of the Internet star then. She deeply sighed and went on with her oatmeal to finish it up with some sweet green tea.

"Yes, its a shame you can't meet someone as delightful." Katy went on with a tired smile. "But you never know, you might." She had to have hope. She thought of Maxie then. He was the sweetest bloke. Perhaps it was she who had changed him. Maybe he'd always been gay.


meg said...

I'm glad she got on to Rhys.

ellie said...

Poor Rae. I think Katy can take care of herself. I liked the last line.

better days said...

Rae and Rhys...when will he ever change??? I'm glad Katy got him good.

molly said...

What a scene in the kitchen!