Wednesday, October 6, 2010

some things are left cold but still fuel the fire

Maxie still felt a chill even out of the rain and back home. It was so dreary out. It was just so cold. Everyone was so quiet back The Oaks. He was shocked that Rhys had came back with them to be with Rae. He seemed different now as if he knew where his place was, and it wasn't just a little visit here and there with Rae. He was bringing her tea so Maxie decided what was left in the kettle he'd make a brew for he and Katy.

Naturally, he found her watching the baby sleep.

"Come on, she can do this alone." He promised as he put his arm around her. They went to couch at the foot of their bed and set there with the tea and biscuits. It was only early afternoon but it felt like late in the evening. He could see Katy was tired, yet he thought it was time to come clean about a lot of things.

"All this, that's happened with Franny, makes me want to be more true to you, you know." He started, and when her very round eye looked at him so seriously. He thought he should just sip his tea and forget about what he had to say.

"What is it?" She winced.

"Its the past. Really, thats all it is. But." He squinted hard. "God, Katy-"

"What? You slept with Franny?" She wondered.

He shook his head.

"There has been someone. Maybe more than one." He would not mention Jamie. It was just mute. "Look, I-I often wondered if-if was cut out, for this kind of thing." He closed his eyes. "I-I was with Ian."

"IAN!" She spilled her tea then. It was going to be just as bad as he thought. Or worse. Her voice shook the baby awake. She had to go tend to her. When she looked back at Maxie, it was if he were a right evil at this moment. She swooped the baby up and opened the door. She pointed to it. He was to leave. Now.


ellie said...

oh no..terrible to

Meg said...

Oh no! Butt being honest is better!

molly said...

I really love the new header.