Sunday, October 10, 2010

snap! its a baby

"What's this?" Sasha came to investigate what was going on in Soren and Rupert's room. "I thought I heard a baby?" It couldn't be true.

"Sorry." Soren was a bit closed mouth. Rupert was seeing to it in a straw basket. Just a pillow under it, for comfort.

"Boys?" Sasha winced. "What have you got yourself into?"

"Its nothing." Soren shrugged it off as if it might be some babysitting gig for a few hours.

"Well-" Rupert started as he looked at Soren.

"Who's is it?" She went to check it out. It was only a few days old. So tiny. But such beautiful blue eyes and quite an onion head. Yet, quite adorable.

"Actually," Soren cleared his throat. "Its mine." His smile was a bit weak.

"Really?" Sasha gave him a glare as she touched the baby's bare tummy. "How come she looks more like you, Ruppie?"

"Hmm.." Soren had to think a second with his hands on his hips. "She's..she's blonde. We wanted someone blonde. Actually." He pressed a smile then as if that was good enough for an answer.

"A blonde?" Sasha looked at Rupert and then Soren,"And you paid her?"

"Acutally, she wasn't into the whole motherhood...kind of thing. And um..well, see..Rupert forgave me, and..and all is well. Right, Rupe?" Soren hugged himself quickly giving Rupert a stare.

"Yes...." He gave Soren a look wondering what else he could say. "All is forgiven." The baby fussed then and he picked it up.

"Really? You two are just full of it, now aren't you?" Sasha shook her head. "Well, lets find it something comfortable to sleep in." She'd find a baby bed somewhere. "Did you think to name the poor little thing?"

"Yes, its Chrissy." Soren smiled.

"No, it isn't. Her name is Crystal." Rupert shot back, holding the baby close.


ellie said...

I loved this one. Oh, those 2.

Keith said...

I think this is my first time at your blog. I really like it.

molly said...

I gotta wonder if she'll just be Chrissy. That gave me a laugh.

meg said...

Love the title. This is funny. Kind of.

Meg said...

Quite the situation!

ori said...

So cute!