Friday, October 8, 2010

one step beyond

"Dunno if putting my name on the birth certificate was the thing to do?" Soren squinted now as he looked over all the papers now.

"Christ, couldn't very well have been me. I'm her brother after all." Rupert reminded him. He was juggling the nappybag and the little one. Soren almost laughed.

"You're about to lose Chrissy." Soren took the baby girl from him. It was starting to rain. They had to get on the road. It would be an almost four hour trip home.

"Its not Chrissy, its Crystal." Rupert gave him a sharp look. His blonde hair ruffled in the wind."Don't you remember, anything?"

Soren got the baby in the backseat carseat. He would chauffeur the two of them home. Finally Rupert got settled in the back. He felt a little sad that

"You sure we'll have enough room for all of us back at the boarding house." Soren looked at him in the rearview mirror.

"We'll make do. We have too. Not like neither of us have a trust fund." Rupert looked so tired. Soren could see him dozing before the infant did.

"One more reason why we shouldn't have taken the challenge, but its too late now." Soren sighed. He just didn't know if he could live with such a lie. Could he ever really be someone's father?


Meg said...

I hope things work out ok.

ellie said...

I hope they'll be good Dad's. I think they will. Love the new Rupert..and header.

E.L. said...

wow, those 2 as parents. who would have thunk it.

meg said...

Oh wow...I hope they can cope and all.