Friday, October 15, 2010

catching up

Jamie knew Sasha was worried about Rhys since Franny was gone. It was as if the symetry of their life had changed. But Rhys was still around to take care of Rae which he knew was well needed. It was about time he took some responsibility. He would leave well enough alone. But when he heard about Soren and Rupert's new predicument, he hadn't seen that coming.

"What have you done, really?" He'd taken his cousin in. And he thought things were so true between he and Rupert.

"Its not at all as it seems." Soren assured him.

"Rupert must be a forgiving idiot." Jamie knew he wouldn't be so charmed to take in a child on a whim like this. "Thought, you were finished being such a player?"

"A player!" Now Soren was offended. They were off in Jamie's study. "The babe's not mine, OK. Its, its very much Rupert's."

"Rupert?" Jamie winced. This was getting more and more interesting. "I thought you two were tight?"

"We are." Soren scowled. "Rupert is its uncle." Soren then looked as if he'd let the cat out of the bag.

"I see." But Jamie had to think on who the mother was. Gemma.

"She didn't know who the father was." Soren told him. "And she's married now. And another still on the way in a few months."

"Aw, that curse of Kelsey's." Jamie nodded. Gemma was her sister. "Didn't know it ran in the family."

"Can we just let this alone." Soren was about to be wound up about it. Mostly for Rupert's sake, he guessed.

"You sure you two can make it on your own with a babe to handle?" Jamie wondered if he'd really thought this through.

"I dunno." Soren gave him a serious look. "Rupert is the care giver, you know."

"He's quitting his job?" Jamie wanted to know.

"Just a few weeks off, with Chrissy." Soren acted as if it wasn't a big deal.

"Well, you know where to find us." Jamie reminded him. "We'll help you. All of you. Just don't try to be a hero."

Soren almost smiled as if he hadn't thought of being a hero in all of this, until now.


better days said...

Oh, its a struggle.

Keith said...

Soren the superhero. :-)

DFF said...

Keith's comment made me smile. I luv Soren.

Keith said...

Glad you enjoyed my comment. That's what popped in my head. lol