Monday, October 25, 2010

amazingly so

Well, they had more than a spot of tea for Rupert when he took baby Crystal to work. It seemed it had got around about the baby.... so the old queens got together to give him a baby shower. Really, it was the last thing Rupert expected.

"I just wanted you to know why I'd be out a couple of weeks." He was all smiles. They had lavished tea cakes an prezzies, all around. They wanted to make sure he treated Crystal like a princess. It was quite lovely. All pink and purple sets of clothes, a tutu for her as well, and her first tiara for her little onion head.

"And where is that man of yours?" Not one but a couple had to ask Rupert every few minutes. They'd expected he'd make an arrival with Rupert and baby.

"Oh, work, of course." Rupert tried not to make much of it. One of them did have to make a living at the moment.

"You sure, you haven't forgiven him for giving you such an undertaking?" Tess, the one who always won the weekly competitions, when it came to crossdressing and such. "How dare he even think of doing something so vain and horrible? And you coming in, to pick up the pieces. You must really love him."

Rupert tried to keep his smile. On second thought, it might have been wise that Soren hadn't come. Rupert bit his bottom lip, wondering just how to get out of this, gracefully.

"Really, it was not his fault. She drugged him, you know. Well, the mother of the child told me she was just doing us a favor. And well, Soren wasn't exactly cooperating, as it was, and well..really, really he loves me and so, there are no hard feelings."

Naturally, he was showered with silliness after the second to the last word he said. Hopefully, no one would try to beat Soren up for this digression. As it was, really it was a blessing. He kept reminding  each and everyone, that it truly was.


ivy said...

oh the lies he has to tell

ellie said...

Its great they wanted a baby shower for them.

molly said...

hahahhaa..I would hate for all those old queens to go after Soren.

DFF said...

Oh that Rupert. I hope this doesn't come back to haunt him.

Meg said...

It was nice of them to throw a party, but they should be nicer to Soren

Keith said...

Hello there. I wanted to leave you a comment letting you know that my computer has died. I did do one last post before I have to take my hiatus from blogging. I hope you'll check it out. I'd love to see your comments. I'm hoping to be back asap. I'll miss your blog while I'm gone. Take care. Enjoy the week ahead.

Anonymous said...

Hi all. How are you?