Thursday, September 30, 2010

sort it out.

It was a soft rain at Franny's funeral. Cecil was sure it rained all week, after-wards.

Of course, Rhys had came to him all bitter. He wanted his son now. He jerked Bart from the crib, but the toddler screamed and cried so that Rhys let go of him. Cecil guessed Rhys figured out the boy had been through more than enough, already. Who Bart actually wanted was neither of them, but his brother Nico and Randy.

"I think we should try to keep together, as long as we can." Randy had his hands full with the infant. He was so stoic. It was as if everything had been taken away from him.

"At least we can keep the boys while you're at work, and when you need us." They'd work something out. He didn't want Randy doing this all by himself.

"I've got the next six weeks to figure it all out." Randy sighed. He looked as if he hadn't slept in weeks.

Cecil had decided to be friends with Randy. They weren't really blood relatives yet they were family because of Franny.

"We won't let you go hungry." Neve took care of that part. She took care of the infant too. "Really, you've been through a lot. You give us a few hours with the new babe and have yourself a rest. You need it. You truly do."

So they'd decided on letting Randy eat most dinner with them. The boys were getting settled and maybe even the baby too.


claarax. said...

thanks ro your sweet comment ! :)

Holly said...

aw, so sad about this happening.

ellie said...

so sad.

meg said...

I'm glad they are helping each other out.

lucy and sarah said...

I'm glad Cecil is being nice.