Monday, September 27, 2010

some things never change.

Could the day get any bloody worse? Rae felt sick. She felt as if she could trust Rhys.

Of course, her world had mainly been so leisure lately. She had everything she wanted. No, she wasn't rich and she hadn't asked for much. But she'd felt so good here. She had a place to sleep. She could read, write, play video games, the internet. It was all at her finger-tips. Yes, she helped  a little around the house, and she ate with everyone. It was a friendly place. But she'd stayed away from the outside world. She never went past the garden gate. And Rhys would visit ever so often. It was good. It was completely an unharmed life.

But Rhys told her nothing. He left. Said he had something to do.

"Will you be back?" Of course, he didn't answer her.

"You do know he's a bit not right the head, don't you?" Anita winced.

Rae swelled a frown.

"But he said we'd be a family." She rested her hands on her bulging belly.

"Of course, you are." Anita put her arm around Rae and helped her to the kichen table to try some of the short bread cookies.

"I don't think I matter to him." She was teary eyed. "Like all the rest."

'I'm sure that's not true. He was just here." Anita told her. "He'll be back." Anita hoped that wasn't a lie.

"I bet he'll forget about taking me to the shops, like he said he would. He said we'd go to shops. He doesn't want to be seen with me, does he?" Rae bit into a cookie then.

Anita just sighed as if she knew Rae was right.


meg said...

Anita is just too kind.

ellie said...

I do feel sad for Rae.

lucy and sarah said...

real hope rhys changes.

ori said...

Rae is in for an awakening with Rhys.