Monday, September 20, 2010

it couldn't be the same

Anita was dressed in black just as Sasha and everyone else. Franny was on everyone's mind. Even Rae's.

"Its terrifying." Naturally, Rae was thinking of her own situation. "Her of all people. It just isn't right. I was so in hopes she'd be my couch, you know, for the birthing classes." Anita could see Rae didn't want to be alone and she felt more alone now than she thought possible.

"You have us, just..just think positive, will you." Maybe Anita didn't feel much better that Rae, but she did have Sebastian and he seemed to sooth her nerves more than anyone. The truth was...they must go on. And they'd all help out with Franny's household. She was a part of their family even if they weren't blood related.

"Did anyone call Rhys?" Sasha looked at the girls in the kitchen who were making soup and sandwiches. They were going to have a rather dismal wake.

"I thought that was up to you?" Anita hadn't an inkling what Rhys' mobile number would be.

"It wouldn't mean much to him, anyway." Sasha was sure of it. She hugged herself and went to check on what baking in the oven.

Just about then someone run at the backdoor. Anita went to get it. It was Rhys who was all smiles.

"What the fuck's got everyone so dreadful?" Rhys looked at everyone's faces. He went to Rae right away just to give her hug. She started to cry then.

"Franny." Sasha gave him a stern look. "She lost her life giving birth to her little baby girl."

Rhys hardly blinked. He just gave her a stare. A stare that turned mad. He stood their holding Rae, as he meant to do something. But he was practically a statue. Anita wasn't sure what to make of him. Really, she felt a bit dizzy herself. She thought she might need to lay down. Perhaps a nap was in store. She just wasn't sure she was up for a wake. She kept imagining how awful Randy must feel about now. He was back at the flat with the infant. She knew she didn't have the strength now to see to him. Someone else would have to be there for him.


meg said...

Rhys..just a little crazy, yet.

ellie said...

such a sad time.

ori said...

I wonder what Rhys will do.