Thursday, September 9, 2010

in a jam

Randy was picking up a few groceries they need. It was there that he noticed the message from Sasha. He called her as soon as he was on his way on the street.

"What is it?" Randy wanted to be there for the birth of his child.

"She seems to be in a lot pain." Sasha had the kids with her. "It might be an all nighter. It looks to be."

"I'm coming. I'll be there." He clicked off his cell and wondered what to do with the bags of groceries. First mother he saw that looked like she could use the basics he handed it too. "Here." He handed them over to her. "Its an emergency. My.." She wasn't exactly his wife. Should have been, he knew. "My girl's having a little one."

Reluctantly, the woman took the groceries. He ran then. Didn't even stop for a taxi. It would be all that far. He could do it.

He'd heard from Newt earlier about Billy leaving him for Japan. He was stunned. What did this mean? Newt still had Leia and Liam to look after. Amy had just had her baby. They had a housefull. Randy had wanted to ask if this was his doing. If Billy knew about him and Newt. But it was best not to talk about it. He was just quiet. Really, he couldn't do much about Newt's predicament now.

Randy made his way over a cross walk and through the park. He ran by a soccer game and almost through the fountain to take a shortcut to the hospital. He was on his way.

By the time he got there, they had Franny hooked up to all sorts of monitors. He didn't understand. What could have gone wrong.

"Its breached." A nurse told him.

"We'll have to do surgery." They told him. He just nodded. He wanted them to do whatever it took. But he could hear Franny tell them, no. It was a mistake. Randy grabbed her hand. He didn't know who was right. The doctors had to be. They had to know what to do.

"It'll be all right, Babe." Randy gave her a weak smile. She was listless though. So weak. Randy winced at her pain, but there was all this determination around him to save the baby. He hoped they knew what they were doing.


Holly said...

oh my goodness. Hope all is well.

ellie said...

Poor Randy.