Sunday, September 12, 2010

how it came to be

Cecil didn't know what he was suppose to do when he heard the news about Franny. It just didn't seem true.

"You should help out." Neve told him she'd do her part.

Cecil was just numb. How could she have died during child birth? A part of him was angry. If they'd stayed together, if he'd never fooled around Ingrid, well, she'd be with him, alive and well. But no, she'd fallen in with that kid and now.... Cecil melted into tears.

"Be strong, you can be. You have to be." She made him go to Sasha's and bring home Bart.

"But won't Nico miss him?" They were brothers.

"He can stay too." Cecil just nodded. He guessed there was room. Of course, Gemma was off God knows where and Lyle was all depressed about his sister, Amy..he didn't know about.

"But can you handle it?" He looked at her hoping nothing went wrong with the birth of their own child.

"They'll be nothing but angels." She smiled as if she could put those two in their place just with a glare.

Cecil tried to smile, but he felt he'd failed Franny when she'd been nothing but kind to him. He missed her so now. He wasn't sure if he would ever be the person she'd always wanted him to be. A good father to Bart.


ellie said...

Oh my goodness. I'm glad Cecil is at least stepping up to help.

nick and heath said...

I'm glad Neve is making Cecil do stuff for Franny's boys. Its so sad.

molly said...

Its so so sad. Neve makes Cecil better. I think.