Saturday, July 17, 2010

in the realm of it

Sebastian couldn't quite put his finger on it. But he could feel it. Sense it. Something wasn't right with Randy. Something had changed. But what was it? He questioned himself then. Did he have some power that could read thoughts now? He didn't think he could, but what if he could?

"Just don't do it?" He found himself saying to Randy down at the pub where they met for a lager. Perhaps, he did need Jamie to decipher this, this thing he could hardly grasp. It gave him headaches from time to time, but he always knew when Anita needed him. And he was there as if he could catch her if she should fall. But she hadn't. She was busy with studies and it was good things were plodding along so healthy and true. But then this, with Randy. It was so troubling.

"Franny needs you more than ever, any you know it. You can't leave her." Sebastian informed him.

"How did you-" Randy just glared at him as their drinks were served.

"I just do." Sebastian sipped  his drink. "And it was only a kiss. Remember that. Thats the way it starts."

"All right." Randy gritted. "But what if-"

"It'll be far more fucked than just a fuck, if you keep this up." Sebastian was sure of it. "You were just a phase with him, anyway. Newt just wanted to see if he was still sexy, thats all. That's all it was. Nothing more. Nothing less. He hardly fancies you at all." That might be a lie, but Sebastian felt it needed to be said. "Forget him."

Randy only nodded.

Sebastian didn't want to frighten him. But he knew. He could feel it. Franny would have no more children after this one. He was certain of it. The feeling felt like ice coming over him. He thought he might choke, but he sipped his drink as he knew nothing of it. He looked at Randy. He needed to be a father to her children. He had faith in him, that he'd be a good one.


ellie said...

wow, he's getting powerful.

meg said...

what kind of magic does he have going on???

lily said...

so cool.

Justkyut said...

Hey Ivy! sorry if you haven't heard from for almost a year now... I was out of the blogging scene and busy with other things.. but I'm planning to write again and fix my blog... thanks for dropping by at my blog...

the oaks said...

Hey, its so good to hear from you Jus. Hope you write soon.

so jade said...

I so miss your writing!