Friday, June 18, 2010

something to think on

"I wish I'd thought of that." Rae was there when Franny dropped in about her idea of serrogating for families.

"Rae, you're just a babe yourself, have one first. You might have an awful time." Sasha assured her, there in the kitchen at the Oaks. She was getting everyone settled with one of her casseroles for lunch. She had Franny over as well as Katy, too.

"I think its sweet." Katy admired Franny.

"But she hasn't even given birth to this one yet, and you'll have to wait a good six months or so, right?" Sasha reminded her.

"It'll be like a gap year." Franny was smiling as if she were on drugs. Rae just looked at her, who was already waddling. Not like Rhys was showing up much lately. She'd feel terribly alone if it weren't for this bunch, carrying so much about her.

"What is she going on about?" Rae was confused. Sounded like school to her.

"Franny, you need to take some time off. Let that bloke do the work, aye. He's fit enough. If you need business, get him to do a naked photo shoot. He could get work on the side posing for art classes at the Uni." Sasha suggested.

"I have the kiddies future to think about, you know." Franny looked at her.

"Now, now, its Franny's choice you know." Katy nodded. "Maybe she enjoys being pregnant." She dug into the cheesy dish.

Rae scowled ever so slightly. She could think of plenty other things she enjoyed more than being pregnant.



so nice!!!

lucy and sarah said...

This was so good. I loved it.

Meg said...

I hope Franny is ok doing work.

ellie said...

I hope Frannie won't over do it.

he and him said...

good to see them together. they need a girls night out.

ellie said...

oh..and I love this header!

ori said...

I love love this header. Oh, its fun to see them all together talking.