Thursday, June 24, 2010

small changes

Sebastian knew where home was. It was where-ever Anita wanted to be. But it felt so unusual to be back. And Jamie wasn't exactly eager to talk with him. He had to go find him out in the garage looking under a hood of a car.

"What do you want now?" Jamie looked at him suspicious.

"I can't have exactly everything I want." If he could, his mum would be here right now with them. "She was your mum. You knew her, possibly the best. I just wish I had an inkling about her. Yes.. yes.. I'm mad at your Dad. Its just I never want to be as evil as he must have been to her. I don't wish for him to know, who I am."

"You sure about that?" Jamie looked at him as if he must have lost it. "I don't know if he's changed, Sebastian."

"You've tried." Sebastian knew Jamie had done a bit of magic on him to make him bearable.

"Yes, but you see he's taken up with that cousin of yours, and- God knows, what that means." Jamie shook his head.

"Well, he's away from both of us. That's how it should be." Sebastian wanted nothing to do with the man."I wish I could think of him how I used too.

"How are things with you and Louie?" Jamie wanted to know. Sebastian walked out back on the lawn with him so Jamie could do some gardening.

"All right." Of course, he hadn't mentioned to his real father he'd came back to the Oaks. Sebastian was beginning to think not much had changed. Not really.


Holly said...

I'm glad they are talking, again. cool header!

misty said...

I think he's matured.

ellie said...

I think he's wiser, somehow.