Monday, June 14, 2010

moody blues

"What is it?" Randy looked Franny over. She looked odd, to him. Perhaps it had something to do with him and Newt being together in the shower. It was on his mind. He hated himself for bouncing back to his old ways. He hadn't meant too. It was that he got the distinct feeling, not all was well with Newt in Billy. And that's how it had happened. Had nothing to do with his feelings for Franny. He was just consoling Newt. That was all. Well, he wanted to believe it. Atleast.

"Don't tell me your depressed." Randy went to make tea for Franny. Her days were long at work. She needed to be pampered, but he was so tired too. And truth be told, he was the one depressed. Actually.

"No, I'm fine." She rubbed her tummy. She was so quiet. They waited for the kettle to sing and he brought her a brew. "Do you think I should have children for couples who can't?"

"Babe, you haven't had this one yet, you know." Randy scowled.

"But, lets say I did," She looked at him as if it might be a dream come true. "I could be home with the kiddies. Yeah?" She smiled.

"Guess so." He wasn't sure he wanted to look at a pregnant woman all the time, though. It wasn't like they had sex, like they used to, and when they did, he was so worried about the baby. "I see your point, but you're on your third kiddie, already, Franny. Must we?"

Well, that set her off. She went to their room and shut the door. He'd really done it this time.

"OK. Whatever you want." Randy stood there outside the door. Things with Newt were looking more plausable by the second.

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knk said...

hhow are you
its interesting

looks randy is innocent
i like randy charector