Thursday, June 10, 2010

its a mystery

Franny supposed Cecil enjoyed being married, afterall. Here he was again. With a new wife. Except, Neve was pretty old. Of course, she looked really good, and Franny was doing her best to not be jealous. Besides she had Randy now. And things couldn't be better. He was a medic at the hospital. She was a nurse. They were making ends meet. Really, she couldn't think of wanting to be anywhere else but here.

And she was going to have a girl. Finally.

But she'd see Cecil on the street, and he'd act if he didn't know her. Yet, Neve was not like that. Franny had a feeling the woman never met a stranger.

"Oh, aren't you lovely." Neve met her at the market one day. "Birthing is easy for you, isn't it?"

Franny nodded.

"Would you ever rent your womb out?" She wanted to know.

"I, doubt it." She smiled.

"But you could make so many happy, you know that, don't you?" Neve just smiled as she touched Franny's tummy. The baby moved to Franny's surprise.

"You could make a fortune." Neve reminded her.

"Oh, I dunno. My child is not for sale." Franny winced, wondering if that was what Neve was getting at. Franny moved on. She would have no more of that conversation.

Really, Franny couldn't be sure if Neve were a witch trying to plant ideas in your mind, or a gypsy of some sort who already knew the truth as if it were cut in stone.


lucy and sarah said...

Thats kind of creepy.

ellie said...

Neve is really odd.

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