Monday, June 28, 2010

how its suppose to be

"So, you and Billy patch things up?" Randy wanted to know from Newt as they were getting ready for work at the hospital.

"There was nothing to patch up." Newt informed him.

"There wasn't?" Randy sucked in a breath. He thought of how Newt had kissed him and how it had been in the shower.He couldn't quite stop thinking of it. He wanted too, but it was there when he had a moment to himself.

"I was just tired, OK." Newt winced as if he'd been sleepwalking.

"Yeah, sure." Randy nodded as if he understood completely when he didn't. "You love him, don't you?"

"We have two kids." It sounded so mandatory.

"Right." He was having a baby with Franny. "Franny wants more kiddies."

"Well, won't you be busy." Newt smiled.

"Not with me. A surrogate." Randy sighed.

"Really, is that true?" Newt winced as if it might be the most painful job ever. "You should really change her mind, about that."

"I know, I want too. But its like I don't even know here anymore, you know." Randy scowled.

"Sorry." Newt gave him a pat on the back. Randy just looked at him as if he so wanted more from him, but he was sure he wouldn't get a thing from him.


ellie said...

hmmm...I dunno to feel sad for Randy or not.


yes, I bet ;)

so jade said...

Wow, I had no idea Newt would do that.

meg said...

what has randy got himself into?

ori said...

I dunno if he should be with her or him.

Meg said...

I don't know about Randy. Maybe he should take some time away from Newt.

maxxie n tony said...

Will they split up? All of them? Does this mean new changes???????????????????