Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Mia didn't like what she saw, Theressa with Lucas, the guy Anita was suppose to marry.

"What are you doing?" The were having drinks down at the Black Cat. Mia had been playing the fruit machines.

"What does it look like?" Theressa was all over Lucas, and Mia supposed he liked it. It was so disgusting.

"She's a fake." Mia told Lucas then. She sucked on her sucker then and went on her way, giving Theressa the evil eye.

Naturally, Theressa didn't take that well. She followed Mia to the loo.

"Hey, don't you go around giving me a fuck'n hard time, bitch!" Theressa wheeled Mia around by her blouse.

Mia just grinned and stomped her heel into the toe of Theressa shoe.

"I know I don't look like I could hurt a fly, but I am deadly." Mia promised. "Leave Lucas alone."

"Why should I?" Theressa winced hard.

"Because, he deserves better." Mia shrugged as she took another lick from her sucker.

"Shut up, bitch." Theressa pulled Mia's hair then. Mia stuck her sucker in Theressa up-doo and kneed her in the stomach then.

"You're messing with the wrong bitch, now." She shoved Theressa into the wall, leaving her a mess. She guessed she was done with that sucker.


lucy and sarah said...

fighting over Anita! hahaha.

ellie said...

Nobody better mess with Mia.

meg said...

wow..Mia would be a touch cookie!

so jade said...

Oh wow..she's so tough.