Friday, June 4, 2010

about time

"You, OK?" Anita looked over Sebastian now as if he might have turned into a vampire of some kind. They'd found them a room just an hour away from Hollyoaks at a nearby hostle. Of course, they'd let Soren and Rupert find their own room for the night.

"Yeah, still not sure how you found me." He stared at her intently.

"Dunno, myself. Just a feeling I got, you know, that you needed me to find you. I guess." She smiled then. He smiled back and gave her a kiss.

"I feel so lost, you know, I thought my Auntie might have answers, but she turned out to be more of a mystery than me mum." Sebastian looked a bit like a sleepy boy who needed to be tucked in.

Instead they sat on the bed together. Holding hands.

"So, you have something to tell me, don't you?" His eyes were so bright and his smile was so open.

"You already know," She grinned back.

"Yeah. I just sensed it. Immediately." He told her. "The babe." He touched her stomach then. "I'm sorry. Really, if I could have, but blasted Louie comes and takes me away."

"But he's your father." Anita winced.

"Yeah. Only Jamie feels more like a Dad, to me. And gramp, what an asshole. I wished Jamie hadn't protected me from him like that." Sebastian shook his head.

"You don't have to talk about it, if you don't want, too." She held his hand.

"OK." Sebastian nodded. His lips touched hers. Finally, Anita was where she wanted to be.


sid and violet said...

I'm so glad they are back together.

fan fic said...

This was uber-sweet.

ellie said...

cool they found each other, again.

cass and cady said...

definitely makeup time.

ori said...

They do need to talk.