Saturday, May 1, 2010

you evoke when you want

They call it chivalry
Never pull a punch for free
You ever wonder why it had to move on
This phony article
That put you on the floor
A double standard
You envoke when you want
-broken bells

Sebastian could hardly breath. He felt he had been at the bottom of the ocean and was ready to explode. But when his eyes opened, he saw the sunlight stream through the curtains. He looked to see he was still flesh and obviously, not alone. There was Ava next to him, in the raw as well, too.

He jumped from the covers quickly just to find he hadn't a stitch on. He looked back at Ava, and scowled at the thought he'd been with her. He shook his head. No, no, it was dream. Just a dream. He had felt the damp wind at his chest, through the night. It was not normal.

He winced at the thought that he'd not been himself, at all. But just something she'd possessed. What did she want from him?

"What the fuck!" He cringed, trying to rummage for something on the floor to wear. He hadn't came here to be suduced. He just wanted Anita. He needed to hear her voice. But what could he tell her. "Oh, by the way, I slept with this Aunt of mine. She might be the bitch from hell."

But Ava was beautiful and quite at peace. He looked over at her, thinking he must be the crazy one. Not her.

Sebastian finally found a night shirt. Not exactly what he wanted, but it would do. He wasn't sure what was next. Did he stay or should he go?


ellie said...

wow so strange.

cass and cady said...

sounds like a wild ride.

meg said...

that must have been something.

so jade said...

wow..I like that song too.