Saturday, May 15, 2010

to hide or not

"I want to help you." Thats all Sasha wanted for Rae. "You need to enjoy your pregnancy."

Sasha had had to coax Rae into seeing a doctor. She seemed as if she was dead set on hiding out in the basement.

"What ever for?" Sasha wondered. As it was. She was great. Everything was in order. All Rae had to do was take care of herself and she'd have the baby come late summer.

"Dunno." Rae shrugged.

"Yes, you do." Sasha begged to differ. "You rob a bank, or something?"

"No." They were back at the Oaks. Sasha was making Rae a sandwich.

"Well, out with it, can't be that bad." Sasha set a  meal out before Rae. A glass of milk too.

"Its Theressa." Rae bit her bottom lip.

"Theressa, what's she got to do with this?" Sasha winced giving Rae a stern look.

"She'll kill me, if she knew." Rae tore a bit of bread and ate it.


"It would break her heart." Rae sadly sighed. "She thinks I'm-I'm with her."

"What?" Sasha was trying to follow.

"She was fun. She was. I-I should have never gotten with Rhys. It was-different." Rae looked as if she might burst into tears. "She has a life and I don't. All right."

"Well, you very well have a life in you, so you better think positive." Sasha told her.

"All right. I'll try." She ate at the sandwich then.

Sasha wasn't sure if she should try to talk to Theressa or not.


ellie said...

Theressa & Rae..I dunno.

ivy's closet said...

she sounds so sad.

degrassi after hours said...

I hope she's not afraid of Theressa.

gossip girl gone vamps said...

Theressa can be mean.

he and him said...

could be trouble.

Heather said...

I love your writing!
following :)

Anonymous said...

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