Wednesday, May 5, 2010

somewhere out there

Anita's eyes shot open. She was awake. For the first time. She knew Sebastian wasn't at that boarding school. She felt she knew exactly where he was. Maybe. Maybe.

Her eyes tensed as she tried to remember. Maybe it was just a dream. Or was it?

Well, she'd tell Jamie. She would. She'd tell him how she felt, yet something compelled her not to. To stay silent about the matter. But she didn't want too. She just couldn't. What did Sebastian want her to do? Go it alone on a whim to find him.

She got up and reached for a robe. She didn't want to. A part of her felt to fragile. She was not as strong as he thought she was. Suddenly, it felt they were already having a conversation. But it wasn't with words. Just feelings. This feeling of dread. This feeling that he needed help. Not like he was in pain or anything. Perhaps, homesick.

Anita put on her slippers and went down the hall to Soren and Rupert's room. She knocked softly. Of course, nothing. Not a movement. Not anything. Anita let out a breath. She beat on the door with her fist then.

Finally, Soren opened the door only in his briefs.

"Are you all right?" He just looked at her with concern.

"Sebastian needs our help." She then said without even second guessing what she said.

"How do you know?" He looked at her puzzled.

"Just a feeling." She winced.

"I can't go on feelings. We don't even know if  he wants any help. He's in that big private French school now. All on his own. A big shot, perhaps." Soren looked at her as if he didn't want a thing to do with his cousin.

"He didn't go to the school." She knew this now.

"How do you know?" He pulled her in. Rupert was just waking up.

"I just do." She told them both.

"A feeling I suppose." Soren crossed his arms.

"Yeah, thats what it is."

"Well, how the fuck do we get there?" Soren was puzzled.

"I dunno." And Anita didn't. It was as if she'd have to take a leap of faith.


Meg said...

I think Anita needs to follow her feelings!

ellie said...

Most definitely!

cass and cady said...

I hope anita finds him.

Holly said...

Lets hope she knows what she's doing.

heath and nick said...

I hope she knows what she's doing.