Monday, May 31, 2010

a rush

Randy spent long days with Newt now. They were partners. Of course, he felt Newt knew more about being a medic than he did, but really Newt was the best teacher. He enjoyed being his friend. Yes, just friends.

Of course, there was a slight thought that he wanted more from him. Or maybe it was Newt who wanted it.

Well, it would be awful. Now wouldn't it? After all, he had Franny. And he loved her. She was the best thing that every happened to him. He couldn't forget that. But sometimes, he did. He did when Newt was around.

"You're a great family man, you know." Randy kept focused on that. "How do you do it?"

"Hard work, I guess." Newt told him. He did love Billy. They'd been together for sometime. It was the way it was suppose to be. They had Leia and Liam to look out for.

"I guess I'm new to it." Randy thought so, anyway. He wanted to be the best father. He did. And yet he felt so lost. Worried that he'd somehow falter.

As it was they had work to do. Bodies to bring back to life. Needles to put in to help revive a pulse and take away a pain. It was so fast. And quick. Really, it was its own natural high. It was a good feeling, a really good feeling.

Maybe thats why it happened that one time. It was time to go home, but Randy had to shower the sweat and the pain off. He was under the beating shower when he saw Newt looking at him. He couldn't help but look back. It was if Randy were someone else. Maybe his old self. Yeah, that's what it was.

They had been naked and wet.

He wanted to forget it now. But they'd kissed. Just kissed. That couldn't be completely awful. Could it? OK, they'd touched too. Just a little. It was mainly the kiss he dreamed of now. He just wanted Newt out of his head. But it just wouldn't go away. Thoughts of Newt consumed him. He was certain Newt didn't feel that way about him. He couldn't let himself think that Newt might have thoughts of him, too.


meg said...

sounds like troubling.

so jade said...

newt and could they!!!