Saturday, May 22, 2010


Theressa wasn't sure what to make of Lucas. She'd met him a time before. Couldn't remember the party even. But there he was plain as day on the street. And he remembered her.

Naturally, Rae was on her mind. She'd felt so lonely now. Of course, Rae wasn't worth cutting her self over or anything. Theressa still had her wits about her and Lucas was asking if she'd have a drink with him.

"Yeah, sure." It would be interesting. He wasn't exactly slumming. His smile was cute and he was so fit. "What are you doing around here? On the look out for Needy?"

"No." He was taking classes here. He just felt like it. She supposed. Well, she felt like doing things to, but it had nothing to do with classes.

"Do you miss her?" Theressa stared at him intently wondering what he thought of her. What he might say if he knew how it used to be with her and Anita, once upon a time which felt like decades ago.

"Hardly. Didn't really know her." His smile was so sincere and she couldn't help but smile back as she sipped her spiked juice.

"I had no idea." She kept smiling. She felt his fingers on her hand. It was a shock. But lovely. Still she was bored. She needed something. "Do you want to do something?" Thoughts of him undressed with her filled her mind.

"Possibly." If only he'd give her a straight answer. She guessed she'd have to find out for herself if he were really any good.


Ailee Verzosa said...

nice post:)

Maddie said...

Used to watch this show when I was in England! You brought back memories:)

Thanx for the

meg said...

Teressa seems to be in all sort of stuff lately.

ellie said...

t is such a bad girl.

Heather said...

"Of course, Rae wasn't worth cutting her self over or anything" - priceless haha :)