Friday, April 16, 2010

what to do

"I hope you don't mind, but I need your help, Frannie," Sasha said to her once she got her to the Black Cat for a drink with Kelsy. It was an outing of sorts. Girls afternoon, perhaps.

"Help with what?" Frannie was so tired lately. By the looks of it, Sasha imagined Frannie was carrying twins this time. She looked at Kelsy.

"Its a Rhys thing." Kelsy informed her. They'd all had a go at Rhys one time or another. But he was history to them.

"Rhys?" Frannie winced.

"Yes, suppose it was a matter of time." Sasha began. "He's gone and done it again. This time, she's just a kid."

"17." Kelsy clarified.

"Even so, she's just a child with his child." Sasha looked at them with disgust.

"Do you think he knew what he was doing?" Frannie wanted to know as if she thought of him as an imbecile.

"Damn straight, he knew. That penis of his, has a mind of its own." Kelsy told them.

"What do you plan to do then, castrate him?" Frannie asked.

"If only we could." Kelsy smiled.

"Lets just be serious," Sasha sighed. "We have to help Rae out. Tell her how it is with him. Soon enough, he'll do without her. He will. Its his way of living."

"So?" Frannie shrugged.

"Well, you've got a young,  good looking strapping bloke to take care of you." Kelsy reminded her.

"Ha, I take care of him," Frannie shot her a look. "You aren't doing so bad yourself, now are you? And Sash you have a good man, too."

"So you think she'll find herself one, in the end." Sasha wondered.

"Maybe."  Kelsy shrugged.

"I just don't think she's ready to be a mum. She's so young." Sasha looked at the both of them.

"Don't look at me," Kelsy said. "I've got a growing family as it is, and two blokes to think of."

"Yeah, Sash, we can't clean every mess Rhys makes or we'd have an orphanage of his children." Frannie told them.

Kelsy smiled. "Perhaps we could conjure up, something."

"What? Birth control for him?" Sasha shook her head. "You know spells can backfire." Sasha had done her best to keep her love alive with Rhys, and looked where that had gotten her?

"Well, Jamie would know what to do. He's much better in conjuring up, than me. He's a perfect in most instances. His mother was a witch, you know." Kelsy shrugged. Sasha looked at her as if she weren't to speak of it. But he did know a few things about the dark arts. She'd experienced it herself with him. It wasn't that he did it often. But Rhys was a case that needed tending to.


meg said...

Its good to see them all together. But to talk about Rhys. Probably a gab fest.

misty said...

what could they do to him???

Meg said...

Something needs to be done, that's for sure!

ellie said...

goodnes, what could they do about this????

lily said...

rhys is always trouble.

Star-Light said...

Thanks :)

Maybe you like the new one too? ;)