Saturday, April 10, 2010

a visit

It took some doing. Lots of research on his laptop and side tracking Louie into thinking he was off at that fancy boarding school, but Sebastian had found his mum's little sister, Ava.

He was proud of doing so. Hopefully, if he knew her, he'd know his mum. It would be nice to have an inkling about that side of the family. After all, shouldn't that be where he belonged? He was his mum's child, after all. Perhaps, he could change his name. He could be where he belonged. But he didn't know how to explain it.

"I'm looking for Ava Kelly." He said right away to the woman at the door, who was pleasantly sweet and fair. Dark haired, just like his mum. A slight resemblance. She lived on the outskirts of  a village near the ocean.

"Well, you found her." She looked at him wide eyed. "Please tell me you're not selling anything."

"No." Sebastian hoped to be honest with her. "Are you Liza Kelly's sister?"

"I haven't heard that name in ages." She looked him over. "Yes, yes, I am her sister. Do you know her?"

"I wish I did." He thought he might burst in emotion of some kind. "I was hoping you could help me. She's me, mum."

"What?" She winced. "Another Dean, is it?"

"Yeah, sort of." Maybe he didn't even have a last name, really. "Sebastian." He offered a handshake. She weakly gave him one.

"Sebastian?" She let him in. "Didn't know she had one quite your age. You see, we didn't see each other much once she left home. And I was just a child then, myself."

She went to make tea then. Sebastian just watched. He hoped she'd tell him something about his mum.


cass and cady said...

thats great that he found his Aunt. His Mum's sister.

ellie said...

That's great that he found his Aunt.

meg said...


Cait said...

This is so exciting!

Holly said...

wow, I'm happy for him.

Meg said...

I hope meeting his aunt helps Sebastian.

meg said...

thanks for the note. can't wait for more.

past the point said...

I wonder what he'll find out.