Tuesday, April 6, 2010

a teenage thing

"What shit is this!" She went to Soren right away with the letter. Of course, she was sure she must have been interrupting, he and Rupert, who seemed a bit nervous that she she'd walked in on something in Soren's room.

"Let's have a look." Naturally, Soren stayed in his briefs a good bit lately, and really Rupert wasn't much better. Obviously, some fucking had been going on, but Anita acted as if she didn't know. It wasn't quite supper time yet. Rupert went for a shower to dress for work and Soren munched on an apple while he read over the letter.

"Looks as if its a Dear John of some sort. Sorry." He handed it back to her.

"But what if its not." She glared back at him.

"I say its wishful thinking on your part, Needy." Soren gave her a shrug.

She remained even lipped. She didn't want him to be right. She wanted to believe there was a message in this somewhere. If only he'd call. Why couldn't they bring him back to Hollyoaks?

"You know, he's not really missing anymore." Soren told her. "He has a mind of his own. Sounds like he's on the right track. A right Harry Potter, I might add. A pretty much prestigious school, you know."

Anita sighed. She shook her head. She sat down on the bed, wanting to ignore the smell of their sex. She broke down in tears.

"Needy, it was just a teenage romance, you know." Soren shrugged.

Anita shook her head, no. It wasn't. It was the real thing with Sebastian. She couldn't help to think it. After all she was caring Sebastian's child.

Soren gave her a hug then. It was odd. After all, he was practically naked. But he seemed quite fond of himself that way. She supposed he might be nice to confide in.


ellie said...

That would a freaky situation.

ivy's closet said...

Soren is sweet though.

meg said...

I still love Soren..even ..well, especially, in his undies..hehehee.

cass and cady said...

Oh..anita needs him and rupert on her side.