Sunday, April 4, 2010

the scheme of it

Why was it, he could never seem to be on the right side, thought Sebastian. Somehow he was caught in the middle, and for what? Just to hate the other side of the family.

He studied his mother's picture more. She was beautiful, with her dark hair and her fair skin. He was glad to have it. He wanted it, near him, always. If only he'd known her. If only she'd known him. It was so not right. None of this. Now she was dead.

Sebastian rested comfortably now, back in his old room with the library books that Louie kept the walls filled with.

How he seethed Leo now. He hadn't a pleasant thought in his head about how Jamie had conveniently lied to him. It was as if Jamie had the power to wash over any unpleasant notion of his past. Except, Louie. He wanted him to hate Louie. It came so natural.

"I suppose I should just go away for bit. Send me to that private school you've been waiting ages for me to go to in Switzerland." Of course, Sebastian wasn't certain he could trust Louie, either. After all, he hated to admit he was even his father.

"Now that sounds like a good idea." Louie gave Sebastian a pat on the back of his head as if now the boy was making sense and his job was done here. He'd never have to see him again.

Sebastian just smiled back. Truly, if he was a born and bred scoundrel, then he had a job to do to. He knew he could lie with the best of them.


ellie said...

oh Sebastian. What is on his mind?

lily said...

I do wonder if this will be the fall of him.