Monday, April 5, 2010

a letter

Dearest A-

By the time you get this, I should be well on my way somewhere in the depths of the halls of a far away place in Switzerland called Lausanne.

Its best we break it off now. I'd be not much good to you, anyhow. I need an education, don't I? Well, you know, being a prat and all that I sometimes am. I want to change. And its best I do this. So not to worry. Really, I'm safe now. Hope I haven't caused you any dire consequences. Didn't mean you any harm.

Of course, this sounds like its coming from a dreadful rat, somehow. Really, you are dear to me. Always will be, but youth is on our side, and we should just make the best of it. You know, education would be a promising factor for both of us, at this time.

Just be you, A. Don't take crap from, anyone. Including me. You are the dearest. And I think of you fondly.

Thanks for the memories.




ellie said...

I'm glad he wrote..but still...

meg said...

poor anita.