Friday, April 9, 2010

just a murmur

"See, I told you things would be fine." Rhys was all grins once he got Rae alone, in their new place. Technically, he lived at home, but he'd be spending a lot of time here with her.

They wrapped up in each others arms, immediately. Snogging as if time had stopped. Soon enough, they were checking out the bed, even if it were thin and small. He could still make do as long as she could part her legs for him. She was a virgin and his to spoil.

It seemed quite brilliant in his eyes. She made him rather smart these days. It was best if she told the doctor that she hadn't a clue who's baby she might have conceived. This would be best if the government handled her circumstance. And she'd get money, now wouldn't she? Some help with classes at the uni too.

"You'll be set. Honestly, you will." Possibly they were lies, but he fed them to her and much as he pleasured her. All would be good. At least for now. He loved having himself wrapped up into her. As if this would carry him until the next one, might come along.

And in the midst of their joy a fucking, a figment of his imagination came hurling down at him. He could hardly catch his breath. He remembered Frannie. Just like that.

He came up for air. Almost frightened. Frannie had been honest with him about that brat of hers.. she said was his. It was only fucking lies as he thought then. But she'd been with him at the hospital after the accident. She must have loved it at one time. Hadn't she?

A cold chill came over him. He'd lost her for good now. She was just a stranger. He looked back at Rae, wondering if he could possibly be true to her. He wanted to. He did. He wanted to never forget her. If he could just be a better person this time. Hadn't he changed?


meg said...

interesting that he thought of franny.

lily said...

What are they gonna do with Rhys? I'm sure Franny doesn't want him back.

skins again said...

Oh, Rhys. Here he goes again.

nick and heath said...

I'm beginning to doubt rhys will ever change.

ellie said...

he's such a player.