Wednesday, April 7, 2010

the good and the bad

"Honestly, I'm so sorry." Randy told Anita when he met up with her for lunch at the school. These days he was usually at the hospital, getting training. His days at the school were numbered now. He was certainly taking advantage of the hospital.

"It OK." She tried to be strong. He knew.

"You look great." He smiled as if to encourage her. "I'm sure, Bastian we'll wake up one day and come find you."

"Yeah, a real dream I suppose, turn in to a nightmare, my luck." Anita sighed.

"Just don't give up." Randy nodded trying his best to savor the fish and chips which were so bland and tasteless. "Everything, all right?"

"Not really." Anita pressed her lips tight. That's when she told him about the baby.

"You have to tell him." Randy looked at her seriously as he dropped a chip. He wasn't hungry now.


"Dunno, get ahold of that damn school. Tell them its urgent. At least tell Louie, if nothing else." Randy shrugged.

"For all I know, I'll lose this one too." She sounded so depressed.

"You're much better now, than you were back then. You have to remember that."

She nodded then.

"I guess you should know, the baby wasn't even his, Randy." She squinted then. "It was yours."

Randy thought he might have a slight heart attack then.

"How could you lie about something like that?" He winced.

"Because I didn't want to be so awful. I guess." She gritted then.

Randy didn't know what to say, but he hoped she was never like that again.


Jeremy and Anna said...

poor Randy. I feel so bad for him. More so than Anita.

ellie said...

wooooo..I had wondered about that. I guess its good she was honest.

Winnie said...

Well she had to tell him eventually...

meg said...

no..I had no idea. I'm glad he's got Franny now.