Thursday, April 8, 2010

the ghost inside

"What are you doing here?" Sasha was stunned to see Rhys on the doorsteps at the Oaks. With a teenager, no less. Rae.

"I didn't know where else to go." He sort of smiled, yet not.

"What's going on?" She let them in and took them to the kitchen for tea.

"I need a favor." Rhys finally said as he munched on a muffin for a bit.

"A favor?" Sasha wasn't sure what that might mean.

"For my-" He looked at Rae. "My friend here, needs a place to stay, you see. Until-"

"Until what?"

Rhys pressed his lips hard.

"We've got a bit of a problem."

"A problem?" Sasha looked at Rae, who looked innocent enough, she guessed.

"She's having my baby." Rhys stroked Rae's hair then as if he was with her now. Maybe. "It would just be impossible if she stayed with her Gram during this. And I can't have her with me, exactly."

"Oh." Sasha felt as if she couldn't help but choke on tears, listening to Rhys's carelessness.

"Would you? I could give you a little cash, if that would help."

"Of course, it would help, you prick." She had to be gruff with him. After all, he couldn't except the fact that she'd had his daughter. He wouldn't even look at Risa, but here he was coming to her for help. She looked at Rae, Sasha would hate to see her out in the cold. "There might be a room in the basement. Its small. Nothing fancy."

"We don't need fancy, now do we, Rae?" He smiled at the girl then.

"Really, Rhys, what have you done? She's under age, now isn't she?" Sasha winced.

"No, no she isn't, right babe?" Rhys shook his head. "She's 17."

"And you're are Moran." Sasha hoped Rae would figure this out before it was too late. "You just want her to hide that baby bump that's coming."

"Sash, it would mean so much to me know." Rhys gave her that cute little grin of his. He made her sick to her stomach.

"Come on, Rae, I'll show you what we've got. But if you intend to stay here, you'll have to help out. Can you do that?" Sasha looked at her then.

Rae just nodded.


meg said...

Sasha is a good person. I feel bad for Rae.

Meg said...

Rhys sure gived Sasha a lot to deal with.