Monday, April 26, 2010

the balance of things

"Can you help us?" Sasha looked at Jamie as if he'd know what to do about the Rhys situation, as if it were something new, when it actually wasn't.

"Darling," Jamie almost laughed. "Hadn't I done enough, already?" He touched her elbows then and drew her in. She was his now just as much as he was hers. He'd messed up Rhys life, he knew, but it was just as well because Rhys would fuck it up royally in his own sweet time.

"I know, he's-" Sasha shut her eyes as if she wanted to not think of Rhys. "He's had his way with someone."

"And?" Jamie winced. "That's no big surprise."

"I know, but she so young and I'd hate for her-" Sasha turned away then. "I put her up in the room in the basement. She's with child."

Jamie just nodded. Well, it was bound to happen. A part of Jamie had wished. Thinking he'd go away from their future. Evidently, not.

"You know why I didn't want him to remember you to begin with. Of course, it was most of the accident's doing, and if things had been different with that Mum of his, I would have-" Jamie shook his head, no. "I would have left well enough, alone. But I had Risa with me at the time. And I guess it just got the best of me, but really, it all turned out wonderful, didn't it?"

"I'm not mad at you. Just change him, will you?" Sasha looked at him. "I know you have the power to do it."

"In to what?" Jamie scowled.

"A puff."

"What? He'd still be a wanker, tried and true." Jamie assured her.

"Yeah, but not so many babies in the village would be his then, now would it?" Sasha did have a cruel side to her that made Jamie smile.

"No, I pretty sure I've fucked up this man's life, already. Doesn't need another twist. We'll wish for him to be true to this lass you hid for him." Jamie decided.

"Very well." Sasha shrugged. She looked him over then. "How did you come about your powers to begin with? Did your mother show you."

"My mother was no more than a kitchen witch. She only did good with what she knew. She was a mid-wife and a very good listener, actually." Jamie went to make Sasha a good brew for sleeping then.

"Well, how did it happen? You got this power of yours?" Sasha looked at him seriously.

"I wish it were true, about me, mum. But I had to go looking for trouble. I found her sister, a good ten years older than she. And well, she scared the life out of me." Jamie just smiled. "I pretty much vowed then, I'd never let a woman touch me after she was through."


misty said...

I liked the way he talked to her.

meg said...

I love jamie's reaction too.

ellie said...

scary about what he said about Ava.

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izzy and dev said...

I love Jamie!

Ailee Verzosa said...

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