Wednesday, March 24, 2010

unfinished business

Sebastian looked at the picture first thinking it was Jamie, but he looked harder and saw it was Leo. Much younger.

He didn't know what to say. Here was a picture of someone he'd admired until now. If it was true. Really, true.

And the woman. That's what brought him to the tears the most. His mother. Her hair was dark like his. So classic like with her Audrey Hepburn look. She was beautiful, and he'd never known her.

"What happened to her?" Sebastian looked up at Louie then.

"I had nothing to do with  what happened to her." Louie shook his head. "They said she jumped off a bridge. Broken heart, I suppose."

Sebastian slightly shook, thinking he might go mad. He wanted it to be a lie. A fantastic lie of some kind. He just wanted things to be normal. He wanted to go some place he could call home. Without Jamie and his father.

He needed Anita. That was where home was to him.


meg said...

so sad.

elliestories said...

man. that hurts.

cait said...

I'm glad he still thinks of anita as home.

Meg said...

Things are so hard for Sebastian right now!