Friday, March 26, 2010

thinking it over

Franny was a bit shaken when she heard Sebastian was gone. She thought of Louie, wondering what he had to do with it.

"What's the matter?" Randy wanted to know. "Is it the baby?" He wouldn't let her lift a finger at dinner. He got the kiddies bathed and some very nice crepes ready as well. It was as if he was determined to treat her like a queen during this pregnancy.

"Really, I'm fine." But it didn't stop her from chewing away at her thumb nail. "Its just, it might be my fault about Sebastian."

"What?" He looked at her troubled.

"I-I called his relative in France. I-I knew him. Kind of. A neighbor, you see. I knew him from the park, and..well, I called him. Told him what Sebastian had been going through, lately." She admitted.

"You didn't?" Randy winced. "They aren't on the best to terms, did you know know that?" He served the dish and poured her a glass a milk.

"Louie was so concerned. I thought he only wanted to talk Sebastian." Franny sighed.

"What ever was, must have upset him." Randy gritted him then. "He can be such hot head, you know. Sebastian, I mean." He shook his head. But he went ahead and ate.

Franny nibbled at her chocolate crepes. Really, Randy was turning out to be quite a cook.


Nick and Heath said...

Love the new header. I'm glad Frannie told Randy about Louie.

cass and cady said...

Finally, she says something. I was afraid she wouldn't.

ellie said...

That's good that she didn't keep that to herself. I like her and Randy together.

Holly said...

Cool header. Well, Franny is a good person.

meg said...

He made crepes! yum. I'm glad Franny is thinking of Sebastian, too.