Wednesday, March 3, 2010

on the flip side

Anita hadn't meant to get into it with Sebastian. She hadn't meant to get him trouble. It wasn't like her to rattle him, and she knew it was all her fault. Some days, maybe she was just better off alone. Possibly. Maybe he needed to cool down too. He'd been so upset with his grandfather and Ingrid. Really, he was making so much out of it. Or maybe, he'd rather have his mind on them than the possibility that she might be pregnant again.

All she wanted was to get on with revisions and exams. She wanted to stay focused. He was just being impossible. Of course, it didn't help to look over and see just how devastated Mia was lately. She looked really ill now.

"So how is your brother?" Guy was in jail now for all his drug dealing. Of course, she knew Mia didn't see it that way. She just felt the cops were out to get her family.

"He won't last in there, you know. I have to find a way to get him out." Mia hugged her books. Perhaps she was about to have a relapse of some kind since she was so drug-free at the moment.

"Like how? You want him to escape?" Anita winced as they walked toward to the Commons to study. She was on the outlook to see if Sebastian was back, but he was nowhere.

Mia just nodded.

"Maybe he's going to be a better person when he gets out, Mia." Anita tried to stay positive.

"How can you say that!" Mia scowled. "He's the best. I love my brother. I do."

Anita winced wondering what that exactly meant. The thought of him giving her any drug like candy or was it something entirely different?

"So how are you and Oliver?" Anita wanted to know.

Mia just shrugged as if there was nothing to talk about. It seemed all her thoughts now were on Guy. No one else.

Anita hugged her books too. She wasn't sure if she was ready to reach out to Mia. She wanted to be her friend, but she hated all the extra baggage it carried. Things were different now. Anita was really looking out for herself now, and she didn't need to fall into anything bad with Mia.


ivy's closet said...

mia needs a friend though.

ellie said...

what will she do when she finds out Sebastian is gone?