Friday, March 12, 2010

it runs in the family

Their similaralites were so striking. Katy knew immmediately who this stranger was. It was Maxie's brother.

"My God, I can't believe it!" Katy was stunned but laughter took over quickly. "You have a brother, Maxie?"

Maxie just stared at him as if he didn't want to let him in.

"Well!" Katy thought he was a bit rude. What could possibly go wrong to have family come?

"Yes," Maxie said staring more at the stranger who looked quite a lot like him. "I have a brother." He was so cold while he his brother was all grins. He gave Maxie a hug. He hardly acknowleged him. "Paddy."

"Paddy?" Katy winced. Well, she reached out to him. She shook his hand. They embraced.

"Yes, a very long time, dear brother, a very long time." Paddy smiled at both of them.

"What brings you here?"  Maxie looked him in the eye then.

"Funny, you ask." Paddy laughed. "Met a friend of yours just out of Chester, a ways. Ian. He spoke of you. Just had to come. Especially, when I found out I'm uncle now. Imagine that." He gave Maxie a pat on the back.

"Imagine that." Maxie glared.

"Well, where is this little thing?" Paddy was irrestiable and happy. Katy was clearly shocked. And Maxie had suddenly turned so cold. Katy thought possibly she was living with the wrong brother now.


heath and nick said...

I wonder what's so bad about Paddy?

mazzie may said...

I hope Paddy's not a bad guy.

meg said...

what ever will happen now.

Meg said...

Maxie sure doesn't seem too happy to see his brother!

fan fic said...

Hopefully, Paddy won't be trouble.