Monday, March 1, 2010

here comes the rain again

It was necessary. Franny felt at the moment. She was doing this for Sebastian's own good. It wasn't that she wanted to keep him from anything, but she found herself having some long conversations with Louie, lately.

She finally remembered Sebastian, after all this time. It wasn't that she and Louie went way back. She knew him from the park where she used to live. She'd seen Sebastian with him. They used to kick a soccer ball around in the park. And they'd talked. He'd said Sebastian was his brother and he was teaching him. He seemed rather fond of her when he found out Nico's father was a footballer. It wasn't a huge acquaintance by any means, but he'd left her his number in case she needed anything. She'd thought of him to be a good neighbor. Of course, she'd never needed him for anything, but perhaps he needed her.

They had tea at one of the places she never went too. Far from where anybody would know her.

"I can't believe it." Louie was soft spoken. "You remembered me?"

"Its a small world. Well, it wasn't until I got to seeing more of Sebastian. I remembered you. And then, I, uh, well, there had been- I won't say trouble with a girl. I just think it would be best, if he had you, in his life. You were so good with him. How could you let him go?"

"Um, he seemed to want to be here. Know his family." Louie shrugged.

"But you're family too." She told him. "I'm not sure it'll do any good, but, maybe you two could talk."

"Yeah, kick the football around." Louie slightly laughed.

"You know, he's met his grand-papa, I hear." She told him in all seriousness.

"What?" Louie squinted.

"Leo." She then said.

"Leo?" He grimaced. By looks of it, he knew him quite well.

"He might be better off with you, than you know." She found herself saying, knowing, it was a good time for Louie to be here.


ellie said...

I can't believe she did that..but its funny that she knows him..though.

cass and cady said...

Interesting how Franny got Louie to come there.