Tuesday, March 2, 2010

getting him back

Louie knew it would take force to get Sebastian back. It would be a risk, but he thought the farther they were from Hollyoaks..the better it would be. Hopefully, Sebastian would hear him out. He had to know everything.

So when he saw him in the park, alone, he took his chances.

Naturally, Sebastian looked at him as if he didn't even know him. It hurt to see Sebastian's coldness. He was becoming a Dean. Hell, he was one of them now. Not that little boy who loved pasta for breakfast and how many Ninja Turtles he collected.


He wouldn't even turn to him as he walked on in the cold shadowy park. It was cloudy, and it began to snow softly. Almost a spring snow, but it was so cold. Louie reached out for him. Grabbed him.

"You have to come with you," Louie clung on to  Sebastian's wrist and put his arm around him.

"NO! Why would I go anywhere with you!" Sebastian fought back. Louie knew it would be this way. He snuffed Sebastian out with a cloth of ether in his pocket. Luckily, it was close to his car. He got him inside the dark glassed car and bounded his feet and hands. He was not letting Sebastian get away. They need to be alone. Louie needed to tell him, everything.


ellie said...

wow, I'm shocked Louie wants him back.

mazzie may said...

Thats the last thing I expected.

elliestories said...

This sounds like trouble!

Holly said...

I dunno how this kidnapping will work out.