Thursday, March 4, 2010

away from me

Sebastian woke up startled. What had just happened? They were far down the road from Hollyoaks. It was almost dark as they past through another glen toward the woods, and Louie was driving way too fast. Sebastian jerked his head around to see his hands were tied up and so were his feet.

"Why are you doing this to me?" Sebastian gave him a mad look as he needed to get out of the situation the best he could, but it was as if his body would do nothing. He felt as if he were buried in cement.

"I have to." Louie would barely look at him. "The farther we get from Hollyoaks, the better."

"But everything I have is back there! Tout ce que je veux. J'aime. Est là!" Sebastian told him.

"Si vous pensez." Louie was very closed lip. "You're tired. Just rest. We'll talk later."

"No, no you let me go. You leave me alone! I don't want you! Je ne veux pas de toi dans ma vie!"  This was madness as far as Sebastian was concern.

"You don't understand. You just don't. Its as if I lead you to the lion's den myself. I never should have. I'm sorry. I just thought it was best, but I was wrong." Louie winced. "Just let me tell you everything. Listen to me. Please!"

Sebastian tried his hardest to get out of being tied up, but he hadn't any strength. Had his brother gone mad?

The dark sports car sped on. They were leaving England or at least finding a way to the border.


ellie said...

wow, I feel bad for Sebastian. I hope it works out.

another skin said...

I feel really sad for Sebastian.

Holly said...

I hope he gets away.

Meg said...

I guess Sebastian doesn't really have a choice but to listen.

cass and cady said...

Sebastian kidnapped. I wonder what will happen.