Saturday, February 13, 2010

you're right back where you started

Your sword’s grown old and rusty
Burnt beneath the rising sun
It’s locked up like a trophy
Forgetting all the things it’s done

And though it’s been a long time
You’re right back where you started from
I see it in your eyes
That now you’re giving up the gun
-vampire weekend

Ingrid was in a tizzy when she saw Franny. She swore Franny had some sort of power about her. Ingrid could hardly see straight. She backed into a display of melons, and they came tumbling down. She ran, bumping into the shop keeper who looked at her as if she would never be admitted back in this store again.

Ingrid winced in a fret. She couldn't help to start crying. Really, she didn't like for people to hate her. She wanted to be liked. Always had. She felt determained to always please as long as she could remember. Good grades in school. Being the lass all the boys longed for in class. So her grades couldn't be completely good. She had to ask for help. She had to act interested. She had to find a way to get away from her sleepy little village.

And it got to Ingrid.The thought of Franny thinking she'd stole Cecil from her. She wept so then thinking how awful she really was. And then someone gave her a nice crisp white handkerchief to wipe her tears. She looked up to see a very old face. But it was kind, and she didn't find him repulsive in the least. No, there was something gentle and intriguing about him.

"You look as if you could use a good stiff Irish coffee, dearie." He smiled.

She sniffed and nodded. Maybe she could use one. She did hope he was talking about alcohol. The snow began to fall and really, there was no need to be caught in it. They went inside at a near by pub. He ordered them two hot drinks. He introduced himself. He was Leo and he told her it was too cold at the park for a game of chess.

She found him quite the intellectual, yet he made her feel smart. And Ingrid hadn't felt that way in a very long time. He mentioned how much he liked her coat. How she wore her hair. It was all so endearing. She felt like a sponge just waiting to absorb every word he said to her. And when the drinks came, she felt all the more warm and cozy with him. It was as if they'd left all her worries behind. They'd moved on to some other sort of world. Why did it have to end so soon?

"Maybe I'll see you again." Ingrid smiled. "Lets keep in touch."

Leo just smiled. He didn't say he wouldn't. Ingrid had a idea it would be soon.


Cait said...

oh my..ingrid and leo?

Holly said...

I like this song..never thought of those two together..though.

Meg said...

This could be interesting.

ellie said...

I'm not sure how I feel about this.

Winnie said...

Guess Ingrid knows exactly what she wants and knows how she's going to get it!

another skin said...

Ingrid is quite the gold-digger or something.