Monday, February 22, 2010

what goes around comes around

When Ian learned about where the life of the band hanged now with Cecil and Rob, he thought he might need to go on a bender.

"Well, we could come with you," Fletch nodded, looking at Monty. They would do what ever it took to take care of Ian.

"There is nothing you can do for me!" Ian seethed. He had to get out of the house before he went into a rage and tore the place up. After all, Shou wasn't around. He felt so hopeless. Would this band ever make a bit of cash? Certainly, not with the Rob factor going on. He'd clearly done nothing for them, but tying them up in contracts. It so sucked.

"Just trying to be a mate." Fletch winced. Ian didn't stay around to listen to anyone. He was on his way. Somewhere. But he didn't want to go to the Black Cat. Couldn't stand to see their faces now. He just wanted something different. He wanted something to change. It was the same old shit. Day in. Day out. He had a mind to do himself in. But first a drink might help. Might let him see things more clearly. Or he'd want to be good intoxicated, before he took a jump off the bridge.

He got in Shou's little sport's car and took off. He'd go into Chester. He so needed a change. Damn, he wasn't going into one of those gay clubs. No, he just needed a drink. Clear his mind, and hope to hell, he changed his mind about drowning himself.

So he pulled in to one of the easier places to park and strolled right in to the darkest bar he could fine.

"Whiskey!" He called for. "Irish whiskey." Soon enough he was burning his insides after three drinks. Of course, nothing was a whole lot clearer. Except when he winced at the bloke at the pool table, he thought he'd found someone he knew. He looked just like he remembered. It was uncanny. But what in the hell was he doing here. Didn't he have a baby and wife at home that  he was looking after.

"Maxie!" He called for him, but the bloke didn't pay much attention to him. He was a serious player. Evidently. He pocketed the cash he just won and moved closer to Ian to take a look.

"Could you use a drink, mate?" He smiled at Ian.

"Yeah, I really could." Ian squinted hard. His words slightly slurred. They went back to the bar then.

"Get ahold of yourself, mate." The bloke smirked.

"Maxie, what the fuck are you doing here?" Ian did his best to get on the stool next to him.

"Now that's a name I haven't heard in a while." The bloke put the cigarette in the corner of his mouth, but he didn't light up.

"Maxie, are you a nutter of some kind, now?" Ian was serious.

The bloke had a good laugh then as he grabbed the bottle of spiced rum he'd bought and filled Ian's glass then his own.

"You're the right nutter." The bloke told him. "Me, name's Paddy, all right. Got it? I'm not Maxie. Its Paddy." Paddy's eyes met Ian's. It was as if they were locked. All Ian could think of was Maxie and how much he missed him. It had been so long. It was making Ian misty eyed.  When Paddy put his cigarette down, ready to drink. Ian had other plans. He kissed the bloke whole heartedly.


ellie said...

this is interesting..Maxie has a brother.

mazzie may said...

Maxie's brother looks a lot like him.

Holly said...