Monday, February 15, 2010

unfortunately, yes

"What do you think, could be up?" Sebastian's questions kept coming to Jamie as he was trying his best to make breakfast in bed for Sasha. He had the chocolate covered strawberries. The champagne.

Jamie almost laughed at Sebastian's concern.

"He is your grandfather, you know, he can very well take care of himself. He has for many a year now, with out any of our help." Jamie shrugged as he buttered toast and slid the fried egg on top of the hash-browns.

"Doesn't this bother you." Sebastian winced as he got cups of coffee for he and Anita. He was helping himself to some muffins that Maxie had left.

"Sebastian, I'm sure he's fine. Really." Jamie sighed.

"I have this feeling, he's not. You know." Sebastian told him.

"A feeling? You have a feeling?" This was a bit of a shock to Jamie. What else did he have odd feelings about? "Well, stop it, will you. He's not worth getting so, so emotional over, really."

"But I love Gramps. I do. I'd hate for something awful to happen. We just met, you know." Sebastian scowled.

"I'm afraid your grandfather is up to his old tricks."

"Old tricks?" Sebastian stopped with the sugar then in Anita's cup.

"Yes, he loves a good game of poker. I'm sure he's off winning a hand, somewhere, as we speak and has lost track of time." Jamie told him.

"A gambler?" Sebastian looked as if Jamie had let him down.

"Sorry, the man is human, and well, average at that. He doesn't always win. He doesn't always do the right thing." Jamie looked at Sebastian and wished he could tell him exactly who the old man really was. He was the one who'd sent Sebastian away in the first place. It was just... it was forgotten. And it was best to keep it that way.

Sebastian just glared back with a soured look. He got the cups of coffee and the muffins.

"Do you need help with that?" Jamie offered. Sebastian shook his head, no.


Cait said...

If Sebastian only really knew.

Meg said...

I kind of hope Sebastian finds out everything.

ellie said...

I wonder how he'd feel if he knew the truth about Leo being a wicked step-father instead.

cass and cady said...

no need to gloss it over for Sebastion any longer.

Holly said...

I'd sort of hate to have his bubble burst about having a grandpa...but Leo might do it without even knowing how.