Tuesday, February 2, 2010

that time

"What?" Maxie didn't want to talk about Simon. Yes, he knew he was in a bad way. Which was precisely why he shouldn't console him.

Maxie thought of how Simon had been there for him when he didn't know where Katy was and how he'd ended up in jail in Barcelona. He couldn't let that happen again. Granted, they were drunk, and he'd been so happy to see someone from home. And it was a one off. He had to keep it that way. Never again. He best keep his distance with Simon. No telling, what could possibly happen if they got together. He couldn't do that to Katy. He wouldn't so he decided to find Ian.

"What could I do?" Ian wasn't that happy to see him either. Shou was still away. He was perhaps at his wits end. Ian didn't say it, but Maxie could tell he'd gone a long time without any sex. Of course, he wouldn't dare say that was the reason why he'd be no help to Simon but Maxie had a feeling he knew. "I'm not good at any this."

"Yes, you are. You're the best when it comes to being a mate." Maxie told him. "You and Simon go way back."

"No, its you and Simon who go a way back." Ian reminded him.

"What's that suppose to mean?" Maxie winced. Did Ian know something had happened between he and Simon in Spain?

"You and your sleepless nights, so long ago, remember?" Ian was a bit harsh.

"Don't be daft. He's a mate." Maxie shrugged.

"Then you should go to him." Ian glared at him.

"I can't." He couldn't give him the real reason. What if they slept together again? Maxie couldn't bare it. "I have a family to look out for at the moment. Katy needs me. Gracie, too. You have nothing."

"Uh! How can you say that!" Ian winced. "We are on the verge of something big." He talked of the band then. "Its just they want to work with Gemma first."

"Oh really, well, then plenty of time for you spend with Simon." Maxie looked at him sternly.

"I can't do quantity." Ian looked at him seriously.

"Naturally," Maxie slightly smile. "Its always quality with you, anyway." Maxie bit his bottom lip, thinking he might have been talking about sex then. He didn't mean too. He just hoped Ian would be there for Simon.


Anonymous said...

Ian better be there for Simon.

ellie said...

Ian definitely needs to be there for him.

Meg said...

I hope Ian is there for him.