Saturday, February 20, 2010

someone elses fortune

"You did what?" Kelsy screamed in the phone when Cecil told her he wasn't coming back, anytime soon. Something about being with their mother's best friend, Neve. "OH NO, YOU DIDN'T!"

Kelsy was stunned. She'd always had her brother to count on. Nothing ever happened to him. Usually, not so successfully in love, as the case maybe. This really sent her into orbit. "She what? She wants to have your baby!" Was Kelsy listening to him correctly. "Are you completely, a nutter!"

What the fuck was going on in this village? She'd never heard such in her life. Who in their right mind would want his baby to begin with? Then again, maybe she was the superficial one, not Neve or her brother. She had to settle down. She knew Colin would tell her so, even if he wasn't here to tell her right now.

"I don't believe it." She had to sit down. "Well, does Ingrid know what you're up too? I thought you were head over heels with that lass?"

"You know, you never liked her. Said she rubbed you the wrong way." Cecil mentioned.

"Its not like she's a lesbian." Kelsy found herself saying. "Don't you know what Neve is?"

"What?" Well, it was about time he got his bubble burst. Kelsy grinned. She didn't know if were true, but her mum was awful close to that woman. Kelsy had a feeling if Neve had ever had the power she would have married her Mum when her dad left. She stuck to her like glue. Had Cecil forgotten that little tidbit?

"You better talk to her about her intentions." Kelsy then squinted.

"Intentions? We shagged every room in the house. And, and well, that was just on the first day." He told her.

"Lucky you." Kelsy wasn't going to ask if it were any good, evidently, it must have been. He was still there. "So what about Ingrid?"

"Could you talk to her?" Cecil begged.

"No, you whimpy arse. I won't do your dirty work for you." Kelsy snarled then.

"Just won't hate me, now will you?" He groaned.

"No, you big ninny. I don't hate you. Just wish you'd settle down and be a good man, like you are." Kelsy told him.

"Its just," He sounded so restless then. "I don't want to be hurt, anymore. I should have never let Ingrid come between Franny than me. She was amaz'n, and I gave her up. I dunno when I have good thing, anymore. Its crazy. But I feel safe with Neve, I do. And, well, she really wants a kid before its too late. Says her bilogical time clock is ticking."

"What will you do if it goes off when she has that babe of yours that she wants so terribly." Kelsy warned him.

"Don't talk that way, sis." She heard Cecil sniffing then.

"God, you're just daft, you know that," Kelsy sighed. "But I love you, anyway."


Cait said...

I love Kelsy!

elliestories said...

someone has to watch out for Cecil!

ellie said...

He does need her..even far away.